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How Much Will a Wedding in the U.K. Cost by 2028?

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Guests throwing confetti over bride and groomThe average price of a wedding in the U.K. will surge by 60 per cent from 2006 to £32,000 in 2028, according to an analysis of Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

The money.co.uk analysis based its findings on the last 80 years, including inflation and higher expenses. If you and your partner have been saving £105 per month to get married, it will take you at least ten years to pay for an average wedding, according to forecast.

Wedding Expenses

In 2017, the cost of exchanging matrimonial vows amounted to £27,500 from more than £18,700 in 2006. The cost of divorce has risen even higher based on data in 2003 when it cost £13,050 to dissolve a marriage. Now, an average divorce will require couples to spend at least £47,000.

In the next ten years, it will balloon to more than £60,000. Neither the cost of a wedding or a divorce seems to be stopping many couples from transitioning to married life. If your sole concern involves a low-cost wedding, think about the expenses that you can save by booking early.

This includes finding affordable event lighting for hire or a caterer that provides discounts to early-bird clients.

Current Trends

Many women who wish to walk the aisle this year have picked up on several trends for the occasion. For instance, 3D invitations have become popular among couples, while some are shying away from buying diamonds as their choice for an engagement ring.

Another trend involves the bride’s wedding gown. The traditional white dress became a less obvious choice, as the rose and champagne dress has risen in popularity by 46 per cent and 358 per cent, respectively.

The cost of your big day will depend on your preferences, but it does not mean that you could not save on some expenses. How much is your wedding budget?

Frequently Asked Questions About Preparing for a Formal Event

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People holding up glasses during formal partyWhenever there’s an event that calls for a formal attire, people always get excited. Experiencing a night of class is always one to look forward to. However, choosing a formal attire can be a bit daunting for some. They get questions in their head that makes them confused about what they should wear.

To help you get rid of the confusion, here are some common questions and answers that will help you prepare for a great night:

What’s the Right Dress to Wear?

Deciding on the dress might be the toughest decision, but you can narrow down your options easily to help find the perfect dress. Body shape plays an important role when it comes to choosing a dress, so it’s best to start from there. For example, slender and petite girls would look great in more feminine dresses whereas curvier girls would want to wear dresses that show off their assets.

Should You Go to a Salon and Spa?

If you aren’t confident about yourself and want to have the perfect look, then going to a salon and spa to get some services done would be beneficial. You can have a manicure at a nail salon to have neat, pretty fingers and get your hair and makeup done too.

When you get these things done at a spa, it truly makes a stunning difference and removes the stress of doing everything on your own. If you want to know what the best kind of services are for formal events, Marilyn Monroe Spas or any other salon and spa in your area will be more than happy to tell you.

How Much Jewelry Should You Wear?

How much jewelry a person should wear depends on what style the jewelry is. A good rule of thumb is to not over do it and focus on a single statement, bold piece. Afterward, choose another one that compliments it. For example, if you were to wear a large necklace, you can wear a simple ring to go along with it.

Formal events do not have to be confusing. Once you have gotten the answers to your questions, you will be able to prepare for the special night with no problems at all.

5 Western Wedding Essentials

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Bride and groom celebrating weddingIf you are all about that western/rustic lifestyle and are about to get hitched with someone who shares your inclination, why not go all the way and stage the best western/rustic wedding rodeo country has ever seen? To pull this off, here are five things you need.

1. Ranch Venue

The United States has ranches aplenty, so this should not be too challenging. But if you wish to get wed in the best ranches this country has to offer, here are four options for you: Spring Creek Ranch (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), The Alisal Guest House Ranch and Resort (Solvang, California), Hidden Meadow Ranch (White Mountains, Arizona), and Triple Creek Ranch (Bitterroot Mountain Range, Montana).

2. Western/Rustic Fashion

You can either go full on cowboy & cowgirl on your wedding or choose to accentuate instead. For instance, you can opt for the traditional way—white dress and black coat and tie—and accessorize with A.A. Callister western wedding boot corral or hats or whatnot. Whichever fashion choices you eventually settle with, just make sure they can be easily disengage come wedding night.

3. Western Décor

There are no rules here except for go as rustic as your imagination will allow. From sitting implements made of a plank of woods on top of blocks of hay to western arches and platforms, the sky is the limit as to how far you wish to take your chosen theme.

4. Western Wedding Favors

For something to remind your guests of your game-breaking western-themed wedding, you must give away wedding favors consistent with your rustic matrimonial affair. Your options run the gamut; from personalized cowboy hat cork coaster to personalized matchboxes.

5. Pick Up Truck

Ditch the limo or the conventional white car and find a red pick-up truck instead. This will allow you as a couple to make a dramatic and theme-consistent entrance and exit, at the back of the pick-up.

With these five essentials, your western/rustic wedding will be one for the books. Who knows it might even get picked up by wedding-devoted sites and go viral.