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Fleet Managers: Here Are 2 Smart Ways to Keep Your Running Costs Low

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Row of Cars

Row of CarsKeeping your vehicles in excellent condition is the key to successful transport operations, notes a fleet servicing expert. There’s nothing you can do about rising gas prices, but you can control other running costs. Trucks, vans, and other heavy-utility vehicles are often built to last and handle heavy loads.

However, to maximise on these benefits and turn a tidy profit, you need to keep them running seamlessly. This means tending to any issues as soon as they develop and keep them from compounding. A good maintenance routine alongside the following pointers will keep your costs low.

1. Harness the power of technology

Before you dismiss handy technology, such as global positioning, you should know that it has more uses than just tracking vehicles. Apart from keeping errant drivers from running personal errands on your dime, you get access to data, including routes, customer spread, and delivery times.

With proper analytics, you can plan your delivery routes and times to make them cost-effective. You can cluster deliveries to avoid rush hours and overlaps, which would mean fewer trips per day. Doing so lowers fuel consumption, overtime as well as wear and tear on the vehicles.

2. Reduce the fleet size

At first glance, this might seem like bad advice. But it is not; at least when done properly. See, if you can reconcile all the data from the fleet’s tracking system, you could identify the most profitable routes and times. With a little effort, you can restructure your supply routine to maximise efficiency.

In most cases, this would enable you to cut down on trips without compromising quality of service. It means you would need fewer vehicles to complete orders. Operating a smaller fleet efficiently increases customer services while keeping your running costs low and affordable.

Keeping your fleet in tip-top condition is key to running a tight and efficient operation. With the right technology, you could increase efficiency and lower running costs.