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Getting Lost in Bath City Centre: A List of Places to Go and See

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Poultney Bridge Bath CityThe Bath City Centre offers more than just a typical sightseeing. From warm and relaxing spa baths to impressive landmarks as well as culture and arts centre, you have a handful of places and activities to experience. Here is a list to help you explore the wonderful city of Bath:

A tour of the city’s heritage at the museum

Feel closer to the city of Bath by visiting some of the museums around. Many of these places narrate the origin as well as the rich heritage of the city. There are also museums that are close to most Bath City Centre hotels, so you will never have to be worried about getting lost or being inconvenienced. You may also go watch and enjoy your favourite play at some of the city’s theatre centres such as the Old Theatre Royal, Krow Keepers, and Theatre Royale Bath.

A Roman Bath experience

Following the origin of the city’s name, you can never miss the chance to enjoy a relaxing bath time in Bath. The Roman Baths complex is a historical site that preserves the 2,000-year old Roman public bath in the city. The place offers guests a full bath experience in the thermal waters to give them a taste of experience as to how Romans did it centuries ago.

A walk through the Royal Crescent

Hailed as one of Bath’s most iconic landmarks, Royal Crescent is truly an eye-catching place to visit. It brags 30 terrace houses that follow an impressive Georgian architecture. Aside from its unique style, what is so remarkable about this landmark is its perfect lawn, which uses a recessed or turfed landscape style to serve as its barriers against grazing livestock.

Enjoy a wonderful time on your trip to the city of Bath by including all or any of these suggestions on your travel bucket list. Once you get there, you will be surprised by the amount of activities you could do and try, so do not dare miss it out.

Why You Should Take That Much-Needed Time Off

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Red beach chairs on the beach Everybody dreams of going on a holiday and taking their much-deserved vacation. The thought of traveling itself can make anyone feel a surge of adrenaline and excitement. The thing is, many people end up having these desires unsatisfied since they can’t push through. In many cases, the culprit is the budget.

Don’t let your dream vacation go down the drain. South Bend International Airport says that there are many ways you can push through with your plans, especially now that you can find affordable flights in the city. And with the many weekends a year has, you have all the more reason to take that trip.

Decompress and relieve yourself of stress

Studies show that stressing and worrying over situations have a negative impact on your overall health — making you feel physically exhausted, upsetting your digestion, and messing with your concentration. When you’re on vacation, you’ll feel these unhealthy emotions inside of you dissipating. You’ll feel relieved and happy from having time for yourself or with friends and loved ones

Come back with fully recharged batteries

Rejuvenating is the key to living a longer, healthier life. Not having time to do this will lead to the early development and onset of health problems. It won’t take long before you feel tired and fatigued — physically and mentally.

Take the time to recharge your mind and body. Getting away for even a weekend from your usual hectic schedule is enough to give yourself a full recharge. As an added bonus, feeling rejuvenated will positively impact the output you produce at work.

Again, you don’t have to spend a huge chunk of your savings to take a great, memorable, and decompressing vacation. Even if you’d have to spend some money for it, all the health benefits you’ll enjoy are truly worth it.

Two Super Simple Ways to Get a Super Holiday on a Weekend

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Whale Watching

Whale WatchingYou spend weekends lounging at home, taking walks around the neighbourhood and doing nothing. After all, you deserve the non-active weekend following a stressful week at work. You need this weekend to ‘top up’ lost energy reserve, and recharge your mind and body so you avoid taking sick days. Your routine, though, is becoming dull and you feel like doing something else.

Here are two effortless ways to experience a great holiday on a weekend:

1. Don’t stay indoors

By all means, catch up on sleep and stay in bed longer on a Saturday or Sunday. But that doesn’t mean you should lie down all day. While appealing, it can sap more energy and lead to a sedentary lifestyle on weekends, which can bring about chronic diseases.

Rather than turn into a couch potato, go for a hike or spend some time in the park. Get as much fresh air and sunlight as possible. After a week spent behind your desk in a building, your mind and body will appreciate the outdoors.

2. Do a one-day holiday

Think of it as a mini holiday. Instead of waiting months before you take a trip, look up activities that you can enjoy for an entire day. Go to museums around your city and rediscover contemporary art.

Book a whale watching cruise and marvel at majestic whales. Western Australia is a good place to go for these tours because humpback whales migrate to the area around June. While in WA, you can also head to Penguin Island for more spectacular wildlife viewing.

Other mini holiday ideas include an overnight stay at a seaside villa, a drive through scenic Great Ocean Road with a stopover at surf mecca Bells Beach and a simple gastronomic odyssey of Australia’s best restaurants in your area.

You have multiple options to spend a better, grander weekend than staying at home. If you’re able, take a quick trip out of the city. If not, explore parts of your city you have never visited.

A mini holiday will do your mind and body some good. And when Monday comes around, you’re ready for another week-long ‘battle’ with paperwork, projects and meetings.

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Ski Vacation

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Ski Vacation in Vail

Ski Vacation in VailOne of the best ways to enjoy the holiday season is going on a vacation with your whole family or closest friends. Enjoying some downtime with the people you love and not thinking about your responsibilities even for a few days can give you the much-deserved break you need.

If you’re planning a ski weekend for this year’s holiday treat, here are some things you must do to prepare for it:

Book in Advance

Ski resorts can be fully booked quickly during the holiday season because this is the time when everybody is away from work. That’s why it’s best if you book your trip now (or much better if you’ve already booked it). This way, you can still get a discount for being an early bird and you don’t have to be stuck with the last rooms or a resort that isn’t your first choice.

Pack the Right Clothes

As you’re going to be exposed to the cold, you need to pack winter clothes to keep yourself warm and comfortable throughout your stay. Buy ski clothes in Vail stores that are waterproof, so melting snow won’t penetrate through your clothing and make them wet and cold. If you’re planning to try skiing or snowboarding, rent the gear at the resort instead of buying your own because they can be quite costly.

Prepare Your Body

Ski resorts offer tutorials for people who want to learn how to ski. What most people don’t realize is that this snow sport can be difficult. That’s why if you want to learn, you need to condition your body by working out and doing some cardio weeks before your scheduled trip. This will help you increase your endurance so you won’t get any muscle cramps while learning how to ski.

Follow this guide to be more prepared during your ski trip with your loved ones this holiday season.