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Here Are 3 Car Maintenance Tips Every Pro Knows

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A car undergoing maintenanceOwning a car is not just all about conveniences; it comes with lots of responsibilities too. Unless you give your vehicle the care it needs and deserves, you will not enjoy it for long. Here are easy maintenance tips that every car owner should know:

Always use OEM parts

When you need to replace a car part, it can be tempting to rush to the Internet to find the cheapest parts on offer. That is alright, as long as those parts are from the original equipment manufacturer, also known as OEM. Otherwise, it is much wiser to head to a reliable Nissan parts dealer in Auckland like K.D. Auto Spares when you are not sure you are getting the genuine item for your Nissan online.

Ditch the DIY car wash

What could be wrong with washing your car yourself? A lot. Washing your car at home may seem like the safest, cheapest car maintenance task, but it is really not. Every time you wash your car, you lose up to twenty times as much water as would have been taken up in a professional car wash. That is not even the worst part. Every single DIY car has left significant scratches on your ride’s paint job.

Clean your battery

Your car’s battery determines whether your car will run smoothly or not. In fact, a few specs of residue on your batteries terminals can make your car fail to start. So once every few months, check whether the battery needs some cleaning. If it does, remove it from the terminals, clean and rinse the posts, wipe them dry before putting the battery back.

Simple routine maintenance tips can save you the trouble of incurring significant bills from the mechanic. Make them a habit, and you can keep your car in good shape for long.

Heat, Dust, and Computer Damage

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Person Using a PCHeat and dust not only make an uncomfortable working environment; they can also be the source of damage to sensitive controls and processes especially computers.

Temperature and Your PC

Computer systems especially servers may become more likely to overheat in a high-temperature environment. PC components made of metals and insulated wires are designed to operate at a specific temperature, and excess heat will slow down their functions, degrade their operation and damage components. Excess heat can make the materials more brittle, causing computer controlled systems to shut down prematurely.

Although computers aren’t as sensitive to humidity as they are to heat, too much or too little moisture in the air can aggravate the effects of extreme temperatures. Keeping humidity at bay with solutions from Q Applied Systems or elsewhere will prevent these problems from arising in the future. High levels of humidity produce too much moisture, which may cause short circuits. Low humidity, on the other hand, may cause static electricity to build up. Both greatly affect the performance of your sensitive computer systems.

Dust in Your Computer

Over time, dust particles gather in your computers, causing components to run hotter than they’re designed to. This may also block system ventilation, causing it to overheat. A dusty environment obviously contributes to dust buildup in your valuable machines, so it’s important to maintain a tidy work area.

Dust particles in PC components may also cause short circuits during regular IT checks or PC repairs, becoming a safety issue. Wipe down sensitive work surfaces regularly.

Heat, dust, and your computer systems don’t make a good combination. Protect your PC systems from damage by keeping temperature and dust at bay and maintaining a clean workplace.