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How You Can Achieve a Perfect Wedding Smile

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Woman with a perfect smile wearing a wedding dressYour wedding dress should not be the only thing sparkling in your big day. While it is what most guests will notice, you should also invest in having a sparkling smile. As your wedding is probably one of the most photographed moments in your life, you should make an effort to have a picture-perfect smile.

Dentists in Shrewsbury share a few suggestions to achieve the perfect wedding smile.

Consider teeth whitening. A few months before the wedding, consult your dentist for a whitening treatment. A dentist-supervised procedure is much better than trying over the counter products like toothpaste, strips and trays.

A consultation with a dental professional, furthermore, will let you know other dental procedures that can improve the attractiveness of your smile.

Eat a balanced diet. A healthy diet is essential for a healthy body and beautiful smile. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet and limit your sugar intake. If you love drinking tea or coffee, it is advisable to cut down on your consumption.

Daily intake of acidic and heavily pigmented foods and beverages can discolour your teeth and make them look dull.

Practice your smile. Look at through your old photos to find out your best poses and angles. The ideal smile is the one the shows your upper choppers and not much of the gums. Be sure to relax your face and do not keep the same pose for every shot.

The last thing you want is to appear stiff in the photos. There is beauty in laughing, and you will surely love the results.

Maintain good oral hygiene. With all the stress of wedding planning, it can be easy for bad habits to sneak up on you. Learn to delegate tasks, so you can still take care of your health. This should include brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once daily.

A proper oral routine before the wedding can help you achieve the perfect smile.

If you are not so happy with your smile, there are dental treatments that can address your concerns.  You should also encourage your spouse-to-be to undergo whitening or any other dental work with you.

It’s Your Time to Shine with Dental Implants

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A pair of tweezers holding a prosthetic tooth If you have missing teeth, you do not have to just learn to live with them. Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth, with the end result being a look and feel that is just like your natural teeth. Dental implants remove any issues with biting, chewing or speech, so you will be able to eat all your favourite foods and talk without any worry about slippage or pain from ill-fitting dentures. Go on, it is time to take a big bite of that apple. You can now restore your natural smile with dental implants. You won’t just see aesthetic improvements but your confidence and self-esteem may very well also receive a boost once you see your new smile.

Dental implants for a wider range of cases

Dental implants require a good amount of jawbone to be present. If this isn’t the case then there are zygomatic implants. They provide support for implant bridgework where there has been a substantial amount of bone loss from the upper jaw. This is a specialist procedure and PDC Dental Care in Barnsley is one of a few practices in the UK with the expertise to carry out such procedures.

The implants are longer than ordinary dental implants and anchor to the strong bone that forms the cheekbone. This means that the implants can be used as an alternative to complex bone grafting operations, making it possible to carry out surgery in just one stage. Prior to treatment with zygomatic implants, a scan will be taken to assess the amount of bone available. This allows the dentist to precisely plan the placement of these implants.

Other options

For patients who have lost most or all their teeth and currently wear dentures, All-On-Four dental implants could be the ideal solution.

The fixed solutions provided with All-On-Four ensure that patients never go without teeth, can avoid the hassles of dentures and can carry on with their lives as normal. With 4 to 6 strategically placed dental implants, a whole jaw of replacement teeth can be supported. After a period of healing during which time the implants fuse with the jawbone, a durable permanent bridge can be attached.