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Boost Your PPC Performance — Here Are Some Effective Options

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pay per click conceptThere are different strategies you can use to influence your position on search engines. One of the most effective ones nowadays is a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. PPC campaigns, unlike organic ones, will give you considerable control over the keyword you will rank for.

They are thus more profitable for your bottom line compared to organic campaigns. There are different PPC campaigns that Denver-based digital marketing professionals experienced in PPC management will recommend.

These have different end goals and strategies designed for various businesses. Here are the three most profitable PPC campaign types.

Branded Campaigns

These campaigns involve a bid for a branded keyword so that a company ranks for its website’s name. Branded PPC campaigns have high conversion rates since clients will assume some level of brand familiarity.

They also allow you to link direct traffic with specific areas of your web pages where you can boost the chances of conversion and increase your ROI.

Remarketing Campaigns

PPC remarketing ads allow you to leverage the immense display network on Google to show relevant ads to clients who visited your page but left without taking a particular desired action.

They are a perfect option for companies, which want to boost their brand’s awareness. Remarketing campaigns are also ideal for convincing target leads that require more time to convert.

Offer-Based Campaigns

These ads are designed to increase the leads for your business and expand your market base. Offer-based campaigns usually take more time to reap results compared with other forms of PPC campaigns but have higher sales.

Middle-of-funnel (MOFU) PPC campaigns work for peak sales periods, while top-of-funnel (TOFU) ones are efficient during other seasons.

A PPC campaign does not end after you pick the ideal type from the above for your company. The management company you work with will continue collecting different metrics as your campaign runs. These metrics will help you evaluate the success of your PPC campaign.