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Bead Blasting: Cleaning Surfaces Without a Scratch

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Man Bead Blasting

The best way to get rid of surface deposits is bead blasting. With the help of bead blasting guns, you can get rid of a variety of surface dirt. This cleaning method is powerful enough to remove surface dirt but gentle enough not to damage the surface or materials that you clean.

In the automotive industry, bead blasting is used to remove car paint. This kind of blasting creates a smoother surface finish on vehicles. The experts at Syntech also say that bead blasting is sometimes also used to clean mineral specimens.

Many gun owners also love bead blasting and pay to have their weapons cleaned using this technique. Some have bead blasting guns at home and use them to clean various items. Gone are the days that one had to rely on dangerous corrosive chemicals when cleaning and restoring items.

What Bead Blasting Cleans

Bead blasting can remove embedded fungus, calcium deposited on pool tiles and firearms. All you need is the right bead blasting equipment. Many people use the bead blasting gun. For optimal results, you need to use fine glass beads and an appropriately designed blasting gun.

Bead Blasting VS. Sand Blasting

Unlike sand blasting, bead blasting removes surface deposits without exposing metallic surfaces to rust. Bead blasting leaves your surfaces smooth. Materials that otherwise would have been damaged by sand blasting can be cleaned using bead blasting guns.

Clean with Caution

Bead blasting guns should be used with caution. You need to invest in protective gear when using bead blasting equipment. When using bead blasting guns at home, do not expect instant perfect results. For example, you can use a bead blasting box for that exercise. When cleaning guns, you should disassemble a gun before bead blasting. Doing so ensures that the gun is evenly blasted. The final result is an evenly restored firearm.