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3 Awesome Ways to Design a Container Shed

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Construction of small container shed

Construction of small container shedThe popularity of the humble container shed continues to be on the rise for a number of practical reasons: durability, affordability and its portability. Discover how these container units can be used as sheds, which is a popular building option in Australia right now.

1. Private Movie House

The size of a container unit is perfect for a home entertainment setup. There is enough room for a widescreen, comfortable seating, and even a corner for snacks and refreshments. Whether you are watching movies from your collection or using your subscription, movie nights become even more enjoyable when you convert one of the container sheds in Australia into your own movie theatre, complete with surround sound and snacks.

2. A Multi-Purpose Studio

The studio can be used as a home office, a music room or even fitted out like an actual studio apartment and use it as an auxiliary home perfect for guests or for your kids when they feel like living with a little independence on some days. Because container sheds are sturdy, they can be stacked to make a multi-level dwelling if you have space for it.

3. Herb Nursery and Shaded Kitchen

Have some masterpiece dinners in your herb and kitchen shed. This is a place where you can grow your favourite herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. You can cook them in your al fresco kitchen, as well — a garden to table experience you can enjoy anytime and any day of the week.

These are just some of the many brilliant ways to use a container shed. Whether you have a simple or ambitious building project in mind, give shipping containers a go. You will be surprised at how easy it is to build with. Discover the hidden potential of this industrial material and start building the shed of your dreams today.