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The Benefits of Being a Skincare Specialist

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Female skin care specialistAre you knowledgeable of skincare, treatments, or just anything related to the skin? Then you may want to consider taking that as an opportunity to start a new career. But first, take a training course in a professional skincare specialist school such as Skin Science Institute.

If you’re curious about what benefits come with working as a skincare specialist, here are some of them:

Job offers everywhere

One of the best things about being a skincare specialist is that there are tons of places where you can work. You can work in a salon or spa to do some beauty treatments, or in a clinic for more serious cases. This flexibility allows you to choose a place where you feel more comfortable, which gives people a higher rate of job satisfaction.

Diverse clientele

Being a skincare specialist means that you would be dealing with a lot of people with different personalities every day. This means that it is a great job for any outgoing person who enjoys talking to people and finding out about their day. It’s also a great chance to learn about new things while also improving your social skills and customer service. More importantly, getting close to your clients can easily become networking for you, as they will usually tell their friends about your skincare treatments.

An exciting career

The world of skincare can be a very interesting place to get into. As a skincare specialist, you will be facing different clients, which means you will have to understand their skin type and whatever issues they may have. You will also have to assess what kind of products and treatments they would need. This gives you the chance to really upgrade your skill level, giving you all the experience and knowledge you need to be on top of your game.

Being a skincare specialist can open a lot of doors for you, especially when it comes to jobs and clients. You get to have a great job, meet all kinds of people, and become better at what you do.

The Building Blocks of an Effective Skin Care Routine

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Skin Care Routine of a womanForget about the rows upon rows of skin care products you see on store shelves. Ignore the siren call of weird-sounding ingredients that promise to be more than just the latest hype. Caring for the skin doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. If you love caring for your skin and would like to be a skin care expert in Utah someday, here's where you start: 


Ever seen Pharrell Williams's skin? Ever envied the 44-year-old's youthful appearance? Join the club. Everyone's curious about Williams's secret, and no one could believe it when he finally revealed the truth. His secret is daily exfoliation. It makes sense, as exfoliation rids the face of dead skin cells that make you look tired and lifeless. Your professional skincare specialist certification training at the Skin Science Institute includes hours pouring over how exfoliation benefits the skin, so this should not come as a shocker to you. 


You shouldn't just cleanse after you've removed your makeup. According to Kim Kardashian West herself, queen of being bare-faced and being confident in a truly no-makeup look, double cleansing is your best friend. Some products remove even long-wearing makeup effectively while doing it gently. The same products can be used to prep your skin before makeup application, and especially before your nightly routine. 


Any self-respecting skincare specialist should know that moisturization is for everyone. It's not just for those with oily skin, as some would mistakenly think. Moisturizing makes your skin more supple, giving it the nutrition it needs. It also helps your primer and makeup base along, so your makeup looks better and melts into your skin effortlessly. If you've properly moisturized your face before makeup application, there should be no dry spots to worry about. 

A good skin care routine is the secret to looking younger and better. But don't mistake good for complicated. It's simple if you look into it. 

Why Use Avocado for Skin Care?

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AvocadosAvocados are a miracle fruit that is densely packed with nutrients.  They contain plenty of vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants perfect for keeping your skin young and healthy. Here are some of the many benefits of using avocado-based hand lotion from Olivu426:

Improves Skin Health

When you use an avocado-based hand lotion or any other similar products, you give your skin a boost of antioxidants. This ‘miracle’ fruit contains beta carotene, lutein, alpha-carotene and others, all of which protect the skin from damage that may result in wrinkles and premature aging. Application of a lotion using avocados as an ingredient improves the skin’s tone, density and thickness.

High Levels of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to maintaining healthy skin.  Applying a product that contains this fruit protects your skin and allows it to maintain a healthy and youthful looking glow. This is because vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen and elastin. These proteins help you maintain your skin cell’s structure and firmness.

Contains Vitamin E

Other than vitamin C, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant good for the skin. This protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals and premature aging. Research has also revealed that this vitamin reduces the negative effects of the UVB radiation coming from sunlight.

Fatty Acids for Moisturizing

Avocado contains healthy fatty acids that maintain moisture in the skin. This keeps your skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. The oleic acid found in avocados is part of the process that regenerates damaged skin cells.

Avocado-based products provide you with the many benefits that the fruit contains. Using it regularly will not only make you feel fresher but make you look younger as well.

Must-Know Neck Cosmetic Surgery Facts to Fight Aging Signs

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Woman happy about the results of her surgeryThe cost of a cosmetic neck surgery in Beverly Hills depends on the credentials of the facial plastic surgeon from clinics such as Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills. The cost depends on the associated procedures that need doing with it as well.

If we take the current average figures, then you have to shell out anything from $5,000 to $8,000. The amount of money you have to raise for a neck lift is considerable. Perhaps you should think about it very well, and consider getting more information about the procedure.

How effective is a neck lift in countering the signs of aging?

Some middle-aged individual may start noticing changes on their face and neck. Signs of aging can be rather obvious, including sagging skin, turkey wattle, and increased prominence of the web-like platysma muscle. The aesthetic issues may be so multifaceted that you will require more than one procedure.

You must decide the outcome. However, before you make important choices, be aware of the limitations of neck lift. The procedure will not reverse the effects of aging.

A surgical option

Neck lift procedure is a surgical process, which is invasive. A similar effect is not possible to attain with non-surgical options. Skin treatments may change the appearance and condition of the skin, but rejuvenation treatments will not lift sagging skin, or tighten loosened tissue.

There are situations wherein a neck lift is the only option if your objective is to improve your appearance.

Procedural insights

A plastic surgeon will trim away excess skin and fat deposits. They will sew certain parts of muscular tissue together. Behind the ear or under the chin – these are the usual locations for the incisions. A good surgeon will be able to address the most relevant issues with minimal surgical risk, and great results.

The surgeon will decide where to cut depending on the issues to rectify, and the volume of tissues that needs modification.

A smooth neck contour can be yours even if you are already at middle to older age. Do not sweat an aging neck. The solution is just at your fingertips.