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Defining Telemedicine and its Applications

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a doctor speaking with patient using telemedicineThe rise of the Internet has completely changed the way we do things. The ability to communicate across large distances has allowed us to interact with each other in ways people never thought possible.

The impact of the Internet has left little untouched and has even revolutionized the field of medicine in the form of telemedicine.

Defining Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology to provide patients with healthcare from a distance. People often use this in areas where access to medical services is inconsistent or in emergencies where no other health professional is available to provide a personal diagnosis or treatment.

Leading telemedicine firms and companies offer so-called “store-and-forward” solutions that allow companies to forward a patient’s medical data to another healthcare provider at a different location.


People can use telemedicine to provide a variety of treatment options. For example, a doctor can conduct remote consultation sessions with patients using teleconferencing. Healthcare workers can remotely track a patient’s health data from a distance through monitoring applications and hardware.

While rare, there have even been cases of successful remote surgeries performed on patients through the use of robotic arms remotely controlled by the surgeon.


The increased accessibility of medical care brought about by the use of telemedicine has greatly improved the lives of patients in various ways. Whereas a visit to a specialist healthcare practitioner in years past would have necessitated expensive trips to and from the specialist’s location, ready access to telemedicine has eliminated this need and saved patients time, money, and even their lives.

People can expect the new treatment options made available through telemedicine to help alleviate growing pressure on the medical system brought about by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and an aging population.

With the constant improvements in technology, we can expect telemedicine to become even more prevalent in the future.