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How Secure is Your Temporary Security Fence?

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Temporary FenceYou need a secure temporary fence, whether you’re planning to enclose a small construction site or a concert venue, or anything else that needs fencing in. Whilst there are many companies that provide short-term fence hire, it won’t hurt to look for the one that can supply you with the most secure fences.

Here are the questions you should ask before hiring a temporary security fence:

  1. How high is the fence?

The higher the fence is the harder for intruders to climb. Though it seems common sense, many people don’t bother to get the higher fences. Typically, fencing comes in six and eight-foot heights. It is a smarter move to hire the 8-foot fences, and because of their height, they also serve as a psychological deterrent.

  1. How small is the mesh?

With a smaller mesh on the fence, trespassers will have a hard time cutting it or climbing on it. Usually, fences have a 2-inch mesh but you’d be better off with those that have a 1-inch or less mesh, according to Superfence and other temporary fence hire companies in Auckland.

  1. How is the fencing secured to the ground?

Ideally, the temporary fence should be set securely in a concrete footing. But if the company provides other secure methods such as placing support poles into the ground, using anchored base plates, or setting precast concrete blocks, you can expect a well-secured fence.

  1. How high is the fence above grade?

It is essential that the bottom of the fence touches the ground so no one can crawl beneath it. But if this is not possible, you can go for a fence with less than two inches above grade.

Once a provider answers all these questions positively, it means you found the most secured temporary fence. Just remember to monitor the fence during the rental period, so you’ll maintain the security needed in your site.