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3 Family Travel Tips You Will Be Happy to Know

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Sentosa IslandTravelling with the entire family is much different from a solo or a couple’s travel. If this will be your first time together overseas, it is perfectly normal to have many questions in mind. You could still be unsure where to take your little ones or how to keep everybody entertained, given that you all have different interests. Moreover, dealing with a possible emergency could cause you to worry that you will think of cancelling your plans altogether. You probably have more ‘what ifs’ in mind, but the answer to all of them is simple — preparation.

Here are some ideas to make sure you are fully prepared for your trip:

Choose location-friendly attractions

If you are visiting Singapore, for instance, you need to make smart choices with the hotel you are going to book and the places you intend to tour. Long public transport rides could bore children, while long walks may drain everybody’s energy before even reaching a specific destination.

Many fun and interesting places in Singapore are near the MRT, while others have a hotel of their own. A good example is Sentosa. If you visit their official website (sentosa.com.sg), you can choose from the many hotels, resorts, and spas in their list. Book one of them instead if most of the destinations in your itinerary are in this island resort.

Book reservations as early as possible

When travelling without kids, your main concern is the budget and experience. You could couch surf, book an Airbnb or a hostel, or even stay at a friend’s place. When travelling with kids, however, comfort and location are the deal breakers. Whichever the case, booking a hotel as early as possible is ideal to make sure you will get a room. In addition, always have a Plan B in case something comes up months or weeks before your flight.

Rent equipment to lighten your load

Most travel destinations already have essential equipment for rent, so you do not have to bring a stroller (for instance) and pay for that extra luggage. Their availability, however, will depend on the location and demand. It is best to research or enquire directly at the destination to know their rates and the number they could rent per day.

Travelling abroad as a family has unique challenges you need to anticipate. With proper planning, you could make sure that everything will flow smoothly and that you would get to enjoy a great vacation.


Exploring Batam: What to See and Experience

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BatamAre you looking for things to do while in Batam, one of the closest islands to Singapore from Indonesia? You may have visited this place for business and may not consider it a holiday destination, but this little place has several attractions that are worth a look, whether on a short or long vacation.

Barelang Bridges

These six bridges are one of the iconic landmarks and feats of engineering of Batam; its name “Barelang” is an abbreviated form of the names of three islands, which are Batam, Rempang and Galang. These structures connect the small island of Tonton Nipah to its larger counterparts in Setoko, Rempang, Galang Baru and Galang. The combined length of the bridges is around 2 kilometres; travelling from the first one to the last one is about 20 minutes. The most impressive and popular is the Fisabilillah Bridge that links Tonton Island and Batam.

Temple Hopping

Some of the attractions in Batam include temples, says WOW Getaways; you will most likely see two kinds, which are Buddhist or Hindu. One of the most famous is Tua Pek Kong Temple or also known as Buddhu Bhakti. Locals visit it every day for their daily prayers and offerings, but it is also open to guests. The Adhi Vinayakar Hindu Temple is also another noteworthy destination; this attraction is in Sei Ladi Hills. Hindu worshipers visit this sacred place from different parts of the island.

One of the main attractions is Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple; this is near the Batam Centre ferry terminal. Visitors and devotees will see statues of Buddha, Goddess of Mercy and Guan Gong when they explore the different chambers.

Beach Fun

The beaches of Batam have their own distinct personalities. The two most famous are near the Waterfront City or along the Nongsa Coast. Visitors have several options for activities, which include windsurfing, snorkelling, canoeing, speed boating, parasailing and others.

This part of Indonesia has several other places to see, discover and experience; you only get to scratch the surface with the things on this list.