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The Building Blocks of an Effective Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine of a womanForget about the rows upon rows of skin care products you see on store shelves. Ignore the siren call of weird-sounding ingredients that promise to be more than just the latest hype. Caring for the skin doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. If you love caring for your skin and would like to be a skin care expert in Utah someday, here's where you start: 


Ever seen Pharrell Williams's skin? Ever envied the 44-year-old's youthful appearance? Join the club. Everyone's curious about Williams's secret, and no one could believe it when he finally revealed the truth. His secret is daily exfoliation. It makes sense, as exfoliation rids the face of dead skin cells that make you look tired and lifeless. Your professional skincare specialist certification training at the Skin Science Institute includes hours pouring over how exfoliation benefits the skin, so this should not come as a shocker to you. 


You shouldn't just cleanse after you've removed your makeup. According to Kim Kardashian West herself, queen of being bare-faced and being confident in a truly no-makeup look, double cleansing is your best friend. Some products remove even long-wearing makeup effectively while doing it gently. The same products can be used to prep your skin before makeup application, and especially before your nightly routine. 


Any self-respecting skincare specialist should know that moisturization is for everyone. It's not just for those with oily skin, as some would mistakenly think. Moisturizing makes your skin more supple, giving it the nutrition it needs. It also helps your primer and makeup base along, so your makeup looks better and melts into your skin effortlessly. If you've properly moisturized your face before makeup application, there should be no dry spots to worry about. 

A good skin care routine is the secret to looking younger and better. But don't mistake good for complicated. It's simple if you look into it.