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What to Consider When Expanding a Restaurant

Chef holding a dishSetting up a successful restaurant business is a great achievement, but once your little restaurant is a success, the question of expansion arises. Expanding your restaurant business can take different forms: service extension, additional menu dishes, or another location. But you should consider these five factors when expanding and growing your restaurant business.

1. Funding

An additional restaurant is expensive, so the primary hurdle is always money. If your first restaurant is doing well, banks and lending companies would be a bit more receptive. You can partner with an investor see a lending company to fund your restaurant expansion.

2. A Proper Business Plan

Expansions require a solid business plan. It should include a solid concept for your restaurant and a target market, the menu and pricing, details regarding human resources and equipment, as well as advertising and marketing. It should be tailored to your new location and suit the target market.

3. Location

A second location presents multiple problems. It should be near your locality so customers would still recognize your brand, but it should be far enough to cover a different target market. You should also study the different zoning regulations, additional permits you may need for that location, as well as the lease and renovation costs.

4. Staffing

A restaurant needs a qualified staff both inside and outside the kitchen. You can promote staff from your first restaurant to the other as long as they are capable — but you need to be sure that the standards of both restaurants can be maintained. You can train staff in your primary restaurant before they continue in your secondary one, or have some of your original staff serve in your new location.

5. Equipment and Food Inventory

Make an inventory of all the new equipment you will need, both in and out of the kitchen. You should inform your suppliers to ensure that everything in the menu stays available.
Expanding a restaurant business can be a daunting task, but transforming your business into a lasting brand is an achievement.